Spire: A Strategic Stacking Game is a dexterity stacking game developed by Jake Dowman with love and support from his incredible wife, Katie. The object is to build the tallest tower using a variety of colorful wooden pieces. It's a game we've been working on for a few years now and we're so excited for it to finally come to Kickstarter sometime in the near future!

How do you play Spire?

Players take turns spinning a wheel. This wheel will either have you pick up a Draw Card or add a specific piece to your tower. Once everyone has had a turn, the round ends.

On every even-numbered round, an Event Card is drawn. These cards modify the round in some way, keeping players on their toes and making sure every game is unpredictable and fresh.

Throughout the game players are given the choice to build upon their own tower or sabotage their opponents'. The diabolical Red Pieces ensure that you won't have an easy time building the tower of your dreams!

At the end of the game once all rounds have ended, players enter the Endgame phase, where they each have the opportunity to move any loose pieces on their tower to try and make their tower the tallest. Once all players aren't able to  move any more pieces or had their towers crash to the ground, the game ends and the player with the tallest tower is declared the victor!

Want more specifics on how to play Spire? Check out the official manual to the game!